Dad’s Tips to have Greatest Mother’s day for Wife

Most husband usually do is to give his wife expensive fancy gifts, because some don’t have or don’t want to give extra time and effort for their wife on a special day like mother’s day. Of-course wife will be happy to receive those fancy gifts. But most wife (“like me”) wants to celebrate it with their husband and kids.

So why not make a “Mother’s Day special breakfast in bed” with your kids.

This is what you will need to do to help your kids prepare an awesome Mother’s Day breakfast in bed for Mom:

  1. Get Excited and Proactive
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Go Early Shopping
  4. Wake Up Early
  5. Cook The Food
  6. Show Your Creativeness
  7. Clean Up

This will explain more on how to prepare your “Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed” Surprise.

  • Get Excited and Proactive! At least a week before the big day, Plan and get everything ready. Get and make sure of your wife and kids schedule are clear. Get the kids a good briefing and make them all psyched up for this surprise breakfast in bed for mothers day.
  • Be Prepared! Go prepare the utensils needed for your surprise breakfast in bed. Make a list of breakfast food to prepare and let the children participate in it too and let them also choose for the final food to prepare. You and your kids can GOOGLE for food recipes, you can choose over thousand food. Make sure that your wife will love it.
  • Go Shopping! Having the list of food to prepare ready, make sure to make a list of ingredients to use . Let the children choose food they want to add  too.
  • Wake Up Early! On Mother’s Day, wake up really early and start getting the breakfast ready. Let the kids prepare the food and your strict supervision.
  • Cook Food! Cook the food with the help of your kids too.
  • Get Creative! try to make your kids do the final food arrangement or presentation.
  • Clean Up! DO NOT leave CLEANING for Mom. it’s her special day so Clean it up and make her relax.

PS: Make sure you and your kids enjoys the preparations. Just enjoy and give love to your Family.


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