DIY Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

DIY Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery post image

There are several things to take care of when planning the arrival of your newborn. But one of the things that craft-inclined parents fill their time on is the design of the baby’s nursery. Indeed, many go all-out when it comes to designing the nursery, especially when the child is going to be their first born. There are plenty of design ideas to toy with and you can select from. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

But if you are not the creative type, there is one way to make your nursery stand out: use colors! Read on below to get more DIY tips for the design:

Primary Colors

This is a free range kind of choice when it comes to painting the walls of your baby’s nursery. When you go for any of the primary colors, there are several ways you can mix and match. Another reason why they are popular choices for nursery is the festive mood it brings into the room.


This might be an unconventional choice of color for designing a baby’s nursery. However, there are plenty of design possibilities when you opt for this color. A natural incentive in going for this color hue in your child’s bedroom is that infants see dark colors best. Hence, you not only design a cozy space for them but also stimulate their vision at such a young age. You can also incorporate other colors, such as blue, white, or mint into the design to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Color Blocking

Who says you should compliment bold colors with light ones? One way to truly brighten up your child’s nursery is to combine bold colors on the wall’s paints or wallpaper. You can make a color block mural consisting of oranges, yellows, or reds! You can do this by putting grid in your level and creating squares on the wall with a tape. Make sure that you line up the edges of the square with a tape to keep the paint from blending to the next square once you apply them. One major advantage to using the color block mural design on the nursery wall is that re-painting won’t be necessary as any color of bedding or accessories would fit in perfectly.


This is the perfect choice of color for those expecting a baby girl. But to step out of the traditional pink room for baby girls, you can add a retro chic vibe into the room by adding orange accessories or touch to the bedroom walls.


When there is pink for girls, blue is the default option for baby boys. However, this color choice is unisex and works for both gender. You can pick from a wide range of shades. But here’s one creative tip to consider: paint the wall with azure and then add pink accessories or details into the room. This makes it a good choice for girls. Or, you add white beddings or accessories to give it a more dainty look.

If you have bought crafts or made your own, you can hang them onto the nursery walls. Any small detail can add more vibrancy into the room to create the perfect space for your child. Use the ideas and incorporate your own design concepts into it.


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    Hi Mitch!

    I have pinned this. Thank you for sharing. Very nice article. Sometimes choosing room colors are daunting and a little scary. I want to invite you to join my Pin It Monday Hop where you pin and get pinned. It is a good way to boost traffic as we know Pinterest is a big traffic driver. If you have the chance, please join us.

  • Abigail Cappel March 25, 2013 11:00 am edit

    Coming over from the Pin it Monday hop at Pursuit of a Functional Home. These are some great ideas, some I had never thought of.
    Abbi @

  • Nursery mk April 3, 2013 4:15 am edit

    The color of walls in any room sets the mood.If you are moving for tranquil,serene space its better to choose colors which promote those feelings.Bold and energetic colors like orange,red will not be so efficient else pale blue and green color will have more calm and soothing impact.
    Great combo of colors mentioned.Its impressive.
    Looking forward for more new innovative ideas……

  • KC @ genxfinance April 5, 2013 5:00 am edit

    Ours look like a burst of candy colors. And I love it. Thanks to my beloved wifey.


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