6 Easter Crafts To Do With Your Kids

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Easter is one of the most awaited holidays in the year for little kids. They always look forward to the Easter egg hunt, as well as the sweet treats that they can get along with their Easter baskets. However, most families use Easter as just an opportunity to get out and have fun, because there are several opportunities to unleash your child’s creativity when it comes to making your own crafts. In fact, you can make it into a family tradition wherein you make your own Easter crafts instead of buying them because you not only save money but also get to bond in the process.

Here are 6 ideas for Easter crafts that you can get your kids to help out with:

  1. easter bunny plush toys the chibiPin the tail bunny – This is an Easter twist to the classic game called Pin the Tail of the Donkey. It will require basic sewing skills and use of felt and you can make your own bunny. It is fairly simple and requires only about 15 minutes to complete.
  2. Homemade Easter spring chalk – This is another wonderful craft idea for Easter wherein you make your own spring chalk. But here’s the catch: you have to form it in the shape of an Easter egg. All you need for making this are plastic eggs, tempera paint, and plaster of paris.
  3. Bunny buckets – You need basic crafting supplies for making your own buckets and these include scissors, markers, and a glue. This bucket is a fun twist to traditional Easter baskets that kids will proudly bring with them to an Easter party to carry all of their goods and treats!
  4. Easter cookies – Kids can’t resist a sweet treat, especially during Easter, so why not get them to help you out in preparing their Easter cookies? Make sure to use edible markers when preparing these treats to make them more fun and colorful. Let your child take over in the creative department and you’d be surprised at what they can come up with. If they helped out in making the cookies, they will definitely enjoy munching onto it.
  5. Easter plush toys – There is no need to buy Easter plush toys because there is a simple and affordable way to make your own. In fact, when kids learn about the process of making your own Easter plush toys, they will enjoy it as much as they would more expensive toys. That would mean bigger savings on your end in the long run. For making the stuffed toys, you can use old socks that you no longer use at home for stuffing the toy.
  6. Easter diorama – This is a fantastic idea if you want to showcase your child’s creativity while also encouraging to expand more on it. All you need is an old jar that had been cleaned then you can put in a wide range of items that represent Easter and spring.

Making your own Easter crafts is surely a great way to observe the festivities with your family, especially the kids. By creating your  own, it will become more memorable for them and rewarding, too.


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