Interesting Twists to Children’s Favorite Games

Interesting Twists to Children’s Favorite Games post image

Play is an integral part of a child’s growth and development. But aside from being able to enjoy and bond with other kids of their age, play provides several opportunities for kids to learn and acquire new skills. The social benefits of play is also something that is already widely known.

There are things that you can do to improve the playing experience for your kids. Listed here are interesting and creative ways that you can make their favorite games seem novel to them.

1. Tag

This is a game with a fairly simple concept. One person is designated as the “it”, which attempts to catch the other players. Whoever was tagged by the “it” takes the role of the “it”, and so on and so forth. But here is a fun new twist to this classic game – everyone becomes “it”. Each player must be assigned a flag at the start of each game (the flag can be any piece of cloth or towel). Put the flag on the back pocket of every person and let half of it stick out. The goal is to run around while trying to avoid the other players who are attempting to grab the flag off of the kids’ pockets. The game works by eliminating the person whose flag has been taken from them until the person whose grabbed the most number of flags win.

2. Hide and Seek

This game is one of the most popular with the kids, so almost everyone knows the mechanics to this game. You can  vary things up by having the “it” search for their hiding spot as everybody else closes their eyes and counts down from 30 to 1. Thus, the other players will do the searching for the “it”. The person who finds the “it”, however, will join him or her in the hiding spot. This will become more challenging for the players as they cram on the small hiding spot. The goal here is to not be the last one to find the “it” or else you become the “it” for the next round of play.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a popular game because of its versatility. You can play it anywhere and with any size of group available. Also, it can be played on a whim so there is no major preparation involved with this kind of game. The game works by creating a list of items that the players need to find. For a fun twist, you can get the kids to find things that only one kid knows about. Hence, it is a wild guessing game for the other kids who attempt to grab any thing they think could be on the list. And to make things more exciting, set a time limit for the hunt so that the kids end up scrambling around. A player earns one point for every item they had found that matches those on the list. The player with most points will be declared as winner.

The above games are popular because of their simplicity in concept but enjoyable design. But you can amp up the excitement and  heighten the cognitive and observation skills of your kids by incorporating new elements into the game.


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